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The Unraveling Adventures of Detective Curtis
(Signed Spanish Edition)

Spanish Edition

By: Curtis L. L. Herbold

The Unraveling Adventures of Detective Curtis


The Detective Curtis Chronicles



Join detective Curtis while he solves odd crimes in a world full of magic, unusual mysteries, and unexpected chars.


If you would like a “SIGNED” copy, be aware that it will cost an extra $30 USD flat rate PER BOOK to cover ALL shipping both ways and then mailing it to you either on a Tuesday or a Thursday. This extra $30 is already included for you with the button below. This is a Hardback version, and I am only offering signed Hardback copies.

Once bought to be shipped to me to be signed, once I get a tracking number you will get a sharable link/number within 24 hours during normal business days Monday – Friday, so you know when it gets too me. Then, when it is mailed by me after signing it, you will get a second email with another tracking number.

DISCLAIMER: Shipping delays are not my fault, and I am not responsible for it unless I input the wrong address. If a wrong address is inputted due to myself or by the customer, please be aware it can take 3 to 10 business days to refund the purchase just to re-buy it at no extra cost to you or me.

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