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About The Author

       Hi, my name is Curtis L. L. Herbold. I am a simple person who is kind, caring, sweet, and an all around great guy. However, my journey has been very difficult as I have autism. However, it is just a minor case. My autism is called, “Asperger’s Syndrome,” which people have been becoming more aware of this particular type of autism as of the beginning of 2017.

       I have also had the opportunity to go to the 2018 Special Olympics USA games with Team Missouri as a swimmer. It was fun and extremely busy experience of a lifetime. I have made some great friends, of whom I can call Team Missouri as a whole a family. I have had a lot of people able to support me, help me, and work with me on scheduling, that has helped make this possible. Even had some of my family actually go to see me swim, all the way from Missouri. It will be an experience I will never forget.

       I will also be an inventor soon, as my uncle is helping me finance my invention. I have already gotten good comments and verification that it could change the entire world by trusted engineers who would not shrew me over. (WARNING: this has been put on hold for the time being)

       I have had a long road and a harsh life. I would not be here today if it weren’t for my grandmother, who took me in when I was 5 years old and raised me. Not only that, but I can get bossy, arrogant, argumentative, and quite irritated at times because of this type of autism. However, that is not all I have that has made it as difficult as it has been. I have OCD, ADHD, ADD, Learning Disability, Attachment Disorder, Anger Management, and others that I currently do not remember. Ever since I was 5, it has been an extreme challenge to keep up with everything and everyone.


      However, despite all of that, that was past me. The me of today has learned to adapt like the Borg, don't know that reference, watch Star Trek, learned not to get as irritated as much, leaned not to be so OCD, Attachment not so much, Anger DEFINITELY NOT an issue anymore, but the other parts of it I have improved, others I will probably have my entire life. It's honestly an everyday real life struggle, but I am leaning, I am adapting, and I am getting better overall.

       I have my OCD limited to organizing and cleaning, nothing else. I have extremely improved my control over the symptoms of my ADD & ADHD. My learning disability is almost non-existent in some areas, and in a lot of other areas is not so much of an issue anymore. My anger management, let me put it this way, when I was younger, I would destroy stuff when I got mad without any hesitation. Now, when I get angry, I can usually keep control of myself so that I do not break anything. My attachment disorder no longer exists. In fact, I have developed the philosophy, “If you don’t like me, screw you” attitude, which was developed because of a situation that happened in junior high and high school. As for my ADD & ADHD, I still get hyper, yes, but not so much. If it’s late with family playing games on holidays, I tend to drink soda to relieve my stress. However, this causes me to laugh so much that by midnight or later, I end up making myself sick, if you understand what I mean by that. I have come a long way since school days, and if anyone thinks I haven’t, they can take it up with Andrew Eckman, who could not believe how much I had changed since he last saw me, which was literally graduation of 2007.

       My particular autism, however, is a little different. With this particular autism, communication skills are a real problem. At this point, I do not believe I will ever be rid of this issue and will have it with me till the day I die, and I hope I don’t die until old age. However, if I were to go earlier than old age, I would like to die in a fiery car crash, so I can at least go out with a bang, LOL. As the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” states in their intro, “It all started with a big bang.” In my case, if I go out earlier than old age, here is my comment, “It all ended in a big bang,” LMBO.

       I can also cook as well as bake. I make an Oreo cake that is as rich or richer than a German Chocolate Cake. Furthermore, I call it White Chocolate Double Stuffed Coconut Oreo Cake. Besides, I also make a mean made from scratch from no recipe Chicken Bacon Cheese Quesadilla. If I had not gotten an associate's degree in computer repair, I could have been a chef.

    As for the book series I am writing, I found out that I love to write, however, I am not that great at language and never was. I am not doing it for the fame. I am doing it for me, so I can say, “Yes, I did this.” I despise rich and famous people who become snobby pricks and care only about their money and hair and not the common person. They do not stay true to themselves because they let their money change them. That is why I am going to stay true to my values if I do become rich and famous, no matter what. I remind myself every day that I made this for myself. I look at it this way:

       "When I started writing, I was not the best person with language skills, the fancy car, the money, or anything else of value. I never even dreamed of being a “Best Selling” author. I am just living my own life, on my own in a one-bedroom apartment, minimum wage part-time job, and paying my dues to society, but I did this without the help of family, friends, or government officials like caseworkers. The only help I had was to get my first book edited professionally by a freelance editor. To start my journey, I wrote the plot, the story, and everything about the book and its series; I wrote this whole web page, the tools, the covers, and my Facebook page for my series. Everything you see is a—well, I guess you could say it’s an image of me, since I have done it all. Even if I do not become rich and famous off the series, at least I get to say I did this, and I am proud of myself for accomplishing what I have, especially considering the challenges that I have had.

       “I will continue to write because that is what I love, and I will never give up on trying to become a professional author (as of December 8, 2017), despite all the challenges that I have had and will continue to have. If in the end all I have are my books and only my books, I will at least be happy being me and staying true to myself.”

        That is something I will carry with me forever because it is something that I think most people could only dream of: finding happiness without caring about money or fame. Some people want both, or one or the other. I say, who gives a crap? Rich, famous, or not, at least I will be me and stay me because I do not like being someone I am not, and in my opinion, trying to be someone you are not is a class A “delusion.” I know; I have been down that path of trying to change myself for someone to try to get her to like me as more than a friend. That was the biggest mistake I have made in my life. I regret it every day and ponder what would have happened if I hadn’t gone down that path. I still do ponder it to this day here and there, but I no longer let it influence my present. Furthermore, I have also only ever had four relationships. Furthermore, I just haven’t found that right one and am still waiting for her. The sad part is, it will probably never happen, and frankly, I am fine with that. Until I do meet her, I will continue improving myself and keep trying to be the best ME I can possibly be because that is all I really can do.