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Welcome to The Detective Curtis Chronicles

Book Series By: Curtis L. L. Herbold

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About The Detective Curtis Chronicles

Self Published Website and Book Series

By: Curtis L. L. Herbold

Book Series Information:

            “The Detective Curtis Chronicles” This page was started Friday October 13, 2017 @ 10:11 PM UTC -6. Curtis would like to also point out to everyone that he has had no help in doing any of this except from family finding Amazon’s free publishing services to publish his book, which he did. Everything that you see on this website, he has done and created himself with no outside help, except for a very light edit from his editor, despite his problem of autism called, “Asperger’s Syndrome.”

            Please keep all this in mind when you read his site. This site will remain as is, except when things are to be added or changed after each sample and/or changes in locations. Hope you all like.

Description of “The Detective Curtis Chronicles” Book Series:

            This is a series called, "The Detective Curtis Chronicles". It will consist of as many books as I want it to be as it can go everywhere I can think of. The main character, "Curtis" is based off of me, but it's not exactly me. I also implement parts of my life into my book. This means that people that read my books who know me will know what is true and what's not. I try to make this fun for all ages not just one age group. However, if I was to classify this I would say it would be towards teens more than adults or children, but I do try and make it fun for all ages.

            Geared for teen audiences, but fun for all ages, Curtis L.L. Herbold is the author of "The Detective Curtis Chronicles." The main character, also named Curtis, is loosely based on the author and some of his life experiences. While Herbold, who has Asperger's Syndrome, admits that his language skills are not the best, his goal for writing the series was one of personal achievement. It was during this process that he discovered that he really loves to write!

            This book—and the series—is technically classified under more categories than listed and available.

They are:

  •  Syfy – (Here and there, but some future books heavily. Example: Space Travel)

  •  Gore – (Extremely Minor, but if you have an imagination like I do…vivid)

  •  Magic – (Heavy for the most part, but some books may not have it)

  •  Romance – (Future Books)

  •  Young Teen+ – (All Books)

  •  Paranormal – (Heavy in every book, but with its own story in each book)

  •  Time Travel – (Future Books)

  •  General Fiction – (Do I need to explain LOL)

  •  Minor Language – (Nothing extreme just things like Hell and other minor words)

  •  Relaxed Mystery – (All Books)

  •  Relaxed solo or helped crime fighting – (There will be a companion system of sorts, but for the most part, you will just have to read and find out. Each book will be different or continued in a few books. In some, he gets help from friends he makes along the way, this includes the time travel story, and his friends have to help Curtis, because he got lost in time.)

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